#BBNaija2020: Lockdown Housemates as Game of Thrones Characters

Game of Thrones might be long over, but it will always be in our hearts. However,the Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates have been right in our faces for just over five weeks, and we can’t help but see the correlation between them and some of the GOT characters.

Now we did this solely based on the traits the housemates have shown us, so if you don’t agree with this, oh well. What do we say to the god of bad vibes? Not today.

Brighto as Lord Baelish


This needs no explanation. You’ve seen Brighto’s handiwork in the house. His silence doesn’t mean he’s not paying attention. He’s simply waiting for the right time to strike.

Tolanibaj as Cersei Lannister


With an iron fist, Tolanibaj rules her little kingdom which consists mostly of Prince, but it’s a kingdom anyways. Just like a certain queen.

Lucy as Olenna Tyrell


She’s not afraid to fight for what she believes in, even if it means sacrificing a few heads or egos along the way. She also will not hesitate to throw shade if need be – just like Olenna with her dying breath.

Laycon as Tyrion Lannister


Recalling Laycon and his ‘shine shine’ jacket on the BBNaija premiere night is just a reminder to not judge a book by its cover. Like the Imp, Laycon might not have the hottest looks in the Seven Kingdoms, but he’s got a heart of gold and a mind we are all ‘mentally attracted’ to.

Ozo as Jon Snow


Good looking, nice, and sometimes clueless. Like his GOT alter ego, Ozo can be a little slow on the uptake, especially when it comes to women. We won’t deny that he makes a pretty good leader, which the housemates also agree with.

Nengi as Margaery Tyrell


She loves fiercely, although she puts herself first. Smart and cunning, she manages the people around her with the skill befitting of a Queen Consort.

Kiddwaya as Khal Drogo


Good looking, sometimes condescending, and nurses an abiding attraction to Mother of Dragons. He also possesses a strong sense of duty and can be competitive if there is enough incentive on the line.

Erica as Daenerys


You might argue that she’s not as fierce, but really, the only word for Erica on the dance floor is dracarys. She’s also a hopeless romantic and maybe she loves the thrill of power a little too much.

Trikytee as Ser Davos


This is the trustworthy man you want to have in your corner. He will stick up for you when the odds are against him, and even crack a few jokes to make you laugh, just like Ser Davos.

Neo as Oberyn Martell


Just like Oberyn, Neo talked the big game about bringing pepper, suya spice, and lots of drama to the house. We admit that he brought some drip, but the BBNaija house is more than just talk and drip as the weekly votes will show.

Vee as Missandei


A lovely, kind-hearted girl who gives her all in love. The only problem is bad luck. Like Missandei, Vee is also pretty smart and generally gives good advice.

Dorathy as Ser Brienne


She’s single, loyal, and does not play the game. Everything is done with her full chest. Dora seems to be a good friend, and you’ll definitely want her to have your back in a fight.

Wathoni as Shae


Basically, anywhere belle face. We’re not quite sure what’s up with Wathoni since her spec seems to change by the week.

Prince as Jaqen H’ghar


Yes, we know Prince can be playful and all, but really, we think he’s the Man of Many Faces, and he’s just showing us the face he wants us to see.

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