BBNaija2020: Drama In The House As Erica Threatens Laycon While Drunk, Throws Prince out of HOH Lounge [Full Video]

The party ended and housemates were settling in on returning from the party.

However, remote issues that has started a chain reaction from the beginning of the week as well as immediate ones during the course of the party among other factors ignited a whole night of drama among some housemates.

While Nengi, Neo, Trikytee and Kiddwaya talked about evictions, Nengi is grateful for the time spent in the house.

Erica confronts Laycon, she says Laycon should tell the truth about the trying to kiss her allegation Ebuka raised on Sunday.

Erica insults Laycon, calling him an Idiot. Claiming he is using her to trend, he has nothing to offer besides her issue.
She said he should stop talking about her, she’s not attracted to his body, she has some choice words for him. She tells him he can’t touch her, and if he tries it, he will be disqualified.

Trikytee tells Kiddwaya to take Erica away cos she will regret what she is saying ‘morrow.

Nengi also tried to intervene but Erica refuses. She is still clearly upset about the Sunday comment.

Laycon however said he is not offended but Trikytee feels offended on his behalf

Kiddwaya said he’s not comfortable with all this energy. Laycon assures Kiddwaya that they are good.

Kiddwaya however said Laycon and Erica should avoid each other. Laycon maintains that he did not even say a word to her before she started ranting.

Laycon explained to Vee that if not for the house, a lot of them would not have met Kiddwaya. He does not talk about his experiences and that is okay because housemates might think it is a strategy. After the house, he can now share his experiences.

Laycon tells Kiddwaya not to say what is on his mind because not everyone will take it well. Kiddwaya said it is important information that the housemates need. Laycon told him that housemates regard Kidd as a competition and anything he says will be seen as a strategy.

He says when Erica is sober, they will talk about the issue. Erica has not come out of the diary room and Kiddwaya wants to go and check if she is asleep, the others ask him not to bother.

Erica continued to rant on saying Laycon is not handsome but ugly. The only thing he has is just that he is smart and his smart is now becoming manipulative.

“He is actually a fool. If he did not lie that I tried to kiss him this won’t be happening”.

Kiddwaya kept trying to stop her but Erica continued to verbally abuse Laycon.

Trikytee told her she is going to feel bad about the issue and what she said about him.

Erica threatens to kill Laycon. She says he’s lucky she’s on two strikes. She doesn’t mind if she goes home tomorrow. Once she leaves, Laycon won’t have anything to trend with again.

At the dining while with Trikytee and Kiddwaya, he says she’s not drunk because she’s had it in mind since Ebuka spoke on Sunday.

Meanwhile in the garden Lucy told Prince and Dorathy that Erica said she is not drunk.

Dorathy replies that drunk people refuse to admit they are drunk.

Prince however adds that there is something about drinking responsibly and also acting under the influence of alcohol. What to him, may change the story entirely is when a drunk person is claiming responsibility for actions.

About the issue on Sunday. She continues to insult Laycon.

Lucy believes Erica is not drunk and is acting. That once she becomes HOH, her attitude changes.

Prince says he does not care about anyone changing or not, he’s just here for the money.

He complained of the fact that Erica poured water on his side of the bed and threw him out of the HOH Lounge.

According to him, he feels she expected him to have picked a side during her altercation with Laycon.

What do you think about Erica’s feelings?

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