While most of the viewers believed him to be boring and has no vibe in the house, Brighto pulled a surprise last night whilst talking with Laycon.

Laycon has feelings for his crush, Erica but he feels the timing is wrong but then, she has feelings for Kiddwaya and the latest guy, Ozo. Last night, he told Brighto he wants to back out and reduce communication. Brighto gave him a different view saying the ladies in the house, including Erica, had Eric as their target, until they lost him to Lilo.


Erica is still hurt from that and can’t handle it because she was in pole position to occupy Eric’s heart until Lilo snatched him, that has made her sad and disappointed, She has seen it happening again between her and Kiddwaya and that is making her depressed, he said.

Laycon chipped in saying, she is a lot of work and if something should happen between him and her, he doesn’t want it to happen in the house. Brighto encouraged him saying he should sit back and relax, Erica will approach him if she has feelings for him but if she falls for another guy, he should pull back and maintain the friendship they share.